An Attitude of Gratitude

After every yoga class, I thank my students for sharing my personal

practice.  Actually, your presence is my “present” every day.  I’m so

blessed to be able to practice and teach yoga to such amazing

students.  Yoga makes me feel good.  The energy of a room full of

students amplifies the feeling.  It’s a community of like minded,

health conscious individuals who want to reap the benefits of a

gentle yoga practice and “feel better now.”  We all feel stronger,

more focused, balanced, and totally relaxed when class ends.


Ever since my disabling back problems began in 2006, I had a choice

to make:  Take pain killers and feel sorry for myself, or find a better way.

By returning to my yoga roots, I learned to accept my limitations,

and discover the blessings inherent in a lifestyle change.  A dedicated

gentle yoga practice helped me redefine who I was, recognize the

value of the present moment, appreciate what I could do, and breathe

deeply into any areas of stress or pain.  No matter what the day

brings, yoga makes it even better.


When I count my blessings, yoga and my students are at the top of my

daily gratitude list.  Thanks to everyone who has attended my classes,

purchased my yoga DVD, and/or simply encouraged me along the way!