Finding Balance

Being able to maintain balance requires focus,

strength, and ease.  There are several types of

balance:  physical, mental/emotional, and

spiritual.  Yoga brings both the mind, body,

and spirit back into balance, creating an overall

sense of wellbeing.


How do we begin?  We start by noticing the

breath.  Begin to lengthen and deepen inhale

and exhale.  The mind begins to slow down with

attention turned inward to the breath.  Holding

your breath or uneven breathing makes balancing,

movement, and ease difficult.


Good posture and strength is important for

maintaining balance.  Lengthen the spine,

and the neck, with a slight chin tuck.

Maintain a balanced breath.  Find a focal

point.  Practicing balance postures trains the

mind and body to balance almost automatically.

This helps prevent falls and injury.  It leads to

a sense of ease in stressful situations.


The breath helps link body, mind, and spirit.

Not only do our lives move faster today, but

they lack the flow of simpler times.  Rushing

and distractions create imbalance.  Slow it down.

Find a yoga class to help restore a sense of

balance in your life.  Or set aside the time and

space for a regular home practice.  Enjoy the

benefits of a balanced mind, body, and spirit!