Hatha Yoga

Hatha (pronounced hahtah) Yoga, is frequently interpreted as

“action” or “movement.”  Yoga is much more than a physical

form of exercise.  The physical practice we commonly call “yoga”

is only one of the eight limbs of yoga described by the Indian

sage, Pantanjali, in the ancient text, “Yoga Sutra.”


Hatha Yoga is the classical foundation of all physical types of

yoga known today.  Physical yoga postures or poses (called

asanas)  were and still are utilized to calm the mind and body

for extended meditation/prayer.


Asanas are still commonly prescribed as part of a patient’s

medical care in India.  Extensive research demonstrates the

benefits of a dedicated yoga practice.  As a result, even

traditional Western medical practioners are acknowledging

the complimentary role that yoga plays in holistic patient

care and wellness.



Compared to more vigorous and demanding types of popular

yoga found today, the pace of a Hatha Yoga class is slower.

Movement is coordinated with the breath.  The postures

balance the concept of strength with ease and can be easily

modified to meet the needs of every body, regardless of age.