Meditation Simplified

Meditation is about being present in the moment and stilling the mind

of endless chatter.  It’s about being completely absorbed, focused and

unaware of time.


Here are a few of many simple ways to enjoy a meditative state:

  • Close your eyes and feel the breath on each inhale and exhale
  • Inhale slowly and deeply; exhale slowly and completely
  • Feel the ball of your foot and heel strike the ground as you walk mindfully
  • Inhale what you want in your life; Exhale what you’d like to let go of
  • Dance and/or sing along to your favorite music…like no one is watching
  • Focus on nature:   the garden, trees, flowers, birds, animals, sky, or water
  • Watch the flame of a candle or small fire burn in a pit or fireplace
  • Practice gentle yoga…find a class you love and DVD for home practice
  • Follow your passion…whatever focuses and fulfills you