Cultivating Flexibility with Yoga

You don’t need to be flexible to benefit from yoga.

Yoga as a dedicated practice increases flexibility of the body

and mind.  Start “where you are” today.  There are many different

types of yoga to choose from:  everything from intense and difficult

to slow and simple.


KISS Yoga:  Keep It Slow & Simple, came from my classical Hatha Yoga

training and roots.  It meets the needs of beginners and experienced

students who enjoy a slower pace, gentle or modified poses, and

stretching with the breath.  Classes are taught locally, twice a week

in the Killearn area of Tallahassee, FL.  If you are not local or if you wish

to practice this gentle yoga style in the privacy of your own home, you can

purchase my 70 minute, professionally filmed KISS Yoga DVD online or

order for pick up at a local yoga class.  A short Youtube video is available

on the Home page of my newly remodeled website, bottom right corner.


Yoga is a mindful way to cultivate flexibility, regardless of your age.

I consider it a “fountain of youth.” Although my yoga practice has changed,

in tempo and difficulty through the years, it has helped me age gracefully,

manage chronic pain, accept and enjoy “youth part 2.”


We learn to accept and allow on the yoga mat.  Rather than judge or

compare ourselves to one another, we honor our body as it is today.

We keep an open mind on the mat, turning attention inward, and

experience movement coordinated with the breath.  We gain flexibility

by avoiding pain…finding our own “edge.”  We breath into sensations

and learn to relax the body and mind.  We take the mind/body flexibility

we acquire from the mat into life.